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Just to clear this shit up

So, I came to your blog to see if people were sending you shitty anon messages and whatnot, because while I fiercely disagree with the bullshit opinion and beliefs you have towards bisexuals, nothing you said warrants asks like “go die” or variations of.

However, I did not get so far, because the first thing I saw was this. 

I’m very glad that you made it clear you weren’t apologizing, because heaven forbid someone see this and go into it thinking you’d say something that wasn’t completely disgusting.

Please tell me you’re trolling.

You sound like uber macho guys who go up to bi girls saying “yah, but u kno u’d go for this dick” or “all girls like dick, there are no real lesbians.” Or the conservative shits who say being gay is a choice.

The thing about choice. Do you honestly think anyone would choose to be the minority? No one would choose to be gay (except maybe on Tumblr, where y’all are gods apparently), because of all the shit they’d have to go through. And no one would sure as hell pick being bi, because they’d have to deal with homophobic bullshit and biphobic assholes like you who think they have supreme knowledge on the defining characteristics of a sexuality they are not. 

Do you have control over who you find sexually attractive? Because I sure as hell don’t. And I’m not going to systematically change the way I think because it makes people like you uncomfortable.

Also, do you know what an asshole you sound like when you say that bisexual is not black and white and all that other super knowledgeable shit? Like apparently, you having fucked a girl, AS A GAY MAN, somehow means you know what it’s like to be a bisexual person? Here’s the difference you seem to not be aware of: we (bisexuals) are actually attracted to both sexes. Like, consciously aware. Being bi is not “willing to sleep with someone of the same or opposite gender” but actually wanting that. 

And of course you’ve never heard anyone say “Oh. I’m biphobic”, because 90% of people who are biphobic are like you, who completely disregard it as a sexuality.

I know this isn’t going to change anything, first and foremost your ignorance, but this is more my way of venting about recent biphobia I’ve witnessed and/or experienced than actually attacking you as a person.

But you are an asshole, and I hope you like being put in the same category as homophobes.

It’s literally going over everyone’s heads Like if you didn’t even watch the whole video. Just shut up lol because you don’t even listen. Like I’m not aboutta sit here and be called biphobic over something so simple as to me saying “choose one” then explaining what I meant by that. Only to have my actual bisexual friends understand me lol. Funny how that goes right? The actual legit bisexuals I know completely understand what I’m saying and feel no hatred. Funny how that works right, because I mean. I don’t hate them lol. …

"The actual legit bisexuals."

Okay, let me break this down:

Telling someone to choose, as if sexuality is a choice - that is biphobic.

Delegitimizing my sexuality (“the actually legit bisexuals”, “my actual bisexual friends”) because I don’t agree with you - that is biphobic.

Thinking you have some authoritative knowledge of what is and is not bisexuality, and how each person within the spectrum works, and stating that it’s not “black and white”, because no one is truly bisexual, because there’s always one that they like more - that is fucking biphobic.

I’m super happy that you have friends at all that put up with the disgusting shit that apparently spews from your mouth, but trust me when I say that your friends do not speak for all the other bisexual people out there, as should be evident by the hate you’ve received. And let me take a second to note that you’re calling them bisexual - so they didn’t fucking choose, because in the end, they’re bi, not gay and experimenting, and they’re disregarding what pseudo-sociology you seem to enjoy spouting.

I’m done, but if you keep trying to erase my identity as a bisexual person, we’re going to have issues, because that’s shit.



It’s official, anything a man does to a woman in California can now be considered rape. I’m really scared.

Tbh what were you expecting. Now anytime a chick is pissed at you, literally all she has to do is say you raped her and you’ll go to prison.

Wait what happened now?

when men say feminism is a hate movement






SCUM Manifesto, Tender Years doctrine, feminism fought to keep rape laws gender biased, etc.

Duluth model, affirmative consent standards, stealing “rape culture” from male prisoners trying to address their brutal abuse, perpetuating false information, covering up/ignoring male victims in third world countries of everything from forced MGM and the majority of victims of genocide to acid attacks and rape as a weapon of war, defining male victims out of existence to “prove” they don’t exist, teaching this bullshit in college.

I’m a female feminist here and I agree with the above, our movement is becoming a hate movement and instead of denying it, we need to stand up and stop it from going downhill anymore.

Seriously, all most of you do is deny the shit our movement has done, instead of actually doing something to stop it.

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Did he just pull out his dick and drop it on them



Did he just pull out his dick and drop it on them

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this is probably my favorite joke from futurama tbh

I don’t get it.


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"People with Borderline Personality Disorder are tiring and frustrating to be around. You may find yourself dreading spending time with them, feeling wrung out after contact, and relieved to have gotten time away. When in the presence of people with BPD, it’s not uncommon to feel drained, pulled upon, tired, withdrawn in frustration, stressed, confused, annoyed or driven to distraction. People who have been in relationships with BPD individuals have described a feeling of being drawn into a vortex of emotional chaos, unreasonability and impossible expectations."

- my definition of paranoia; I constantly feel this is what people are thinking about me, about our relationships

(the quote is taken from, that page titled “Things Borderline People Do; it’s a website to help people who have mentally unstable parents)






Okay, I’ve become rather irked by how much the boobs-n-butt pose is so harped on, as if it’s some hilarious, impossible thing. These were done on a whim, so I apologize for the small/crappy photos and sketchy outlines. Once I find my camera again, I’d like to take some shots that show the whole body and how this pose actually works.

These are all practical positions, and they were all relatively comfortable to do and stay in for a good period of time. Even though the boobs-n-butt pose looks a little funny, it’s entirely plausible and anatomically correct (although it can be taken too far). So, don’t be afraid to draw it. Hopefully these photos help a little with drawing such positions! 

EDIT: (again) Oh my, these notes. Well, I’m glad at least some people find these useful. Figured I’d add some drawings that show BOTH male and females in such positions. 

Reblog forever.

As long as you remember that the person you’re drawing has a skeleton and internal organs, you should be fine. Most of the problems with these kind of poses in illustration come from parts bent in ways that their joints shouldn’t allow and rib cages being all but ignored. Questions like “Does she even have a spine?” are common.

I call it a variant of Rob Liefeld Syndrome.

There’s also the primary reason people hate it which is: “Who fights/stands/walks etc like that?”
If a character is posing that’s one thing but if they’re mid fight or just talking to someone they’re probably not going to twist in this manner.

thank you shrine

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get your game ondrive safe


get your game on
drive safe

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for your convenience, a cheat-sheet of (most) the sjw buzzwords youre likely to come across while browsing tumblrEDIT: lol


for your convenience, a cheat-sheet of (most) the sjw buzzwords youre likely to come across while browsing tumblr

EDIT: lol

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