Coming From an Asian


I find it funny when my friends express white guilt.

Someone ask me to explain this. Do it.


Well, here’s the thing. People take this too far. They do. And by people, I mean tumblr, for the most part.

"Check your privilege." I swear, if any of my friends out here in the real world say this, I’m probably going to get into an extensive conversation in which I tell them how all kinds of bullshit that is. First of all, you put it perfectly with "white/black dichotomy." People continue to use POC, which is ironic because they also bitch about cultural appropriation and erasure. Like, what, how is POC not the biggest bunch of erasure ever? "Oh, but it’s a way to include everyone! But white people! It shows unity!" Nope. You mean darker skinned Asians. Middle East, Indian. And you of course mean black people. Because how can you not mean black people when you talk about racism. I’ve been told that as an Asian of lighter skin that I have privilege, and this was FROM WHITE PEOPLE. Like, how dare you fucking tell me I have privilege, when you tell other white people that they aren’t allowed to even defend themselves when they get called a bigot?

Anyways, back to the original point. White guilt. You guys are hilarious. You spend so much time and focus on telling yourselves and others that as white people, they need to apologize every five seconds about how hooooorrible they are. You realize that you’re being ridiculous? Your ancestors, if you’re white, might’ve been a bunch of twats, but you don’t need to “check your privilege”. Sure, be educated on history, but also know that it is not your job to correct the awful things that have happened. You know what you do when you constantly yap on about all the things that the white man has done to “POC”? You breed hate. You continue the cycle. You are literally doing nothing but continuing racism with your stigmatization of “privilege”. Oh, but I’m white, I deserve — Shut up. From the bottom of my South Korean and therefore “less privileged” heart, shut the fucking fuck up. You do not owe anything. Just be a decent person. That’s really all it requires. And I know I’ll be told that as a Korean person, or as a light skinned person (that’s only during the winter, fuck off), or as a cis person or whatever privilege that you can think of, I can’t have a say. But you know what, I do. 

This is more rant-y than I intended, but I’ll write something up, farfirifirefly. This is a prelude to the extensive post I’ll write that shall better articulate how fed up I am with all these white kids telling other white people to check their privilege. And according to them, it shouldn’t even be their place to do that. Just saying.

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